Solicited and Unsolicited Idea and Material Submission Policy

RHYTHM&FLOW ENTERTAINMENT INC. (referred to as "RFE" or “RNF”) has the listed terms and conditions of our solicited and unsolicited Idea and Material Submission Policy for the protection of both RFE and the submitter.

A. ACCEPTANCE. RFE retains the absolute discretion whether to use the solicited or unsolicited idea, and is free to use the information any way it chooses.

B. ASSIGNMENT. The submitter automatically assigns all the intellectual property rights in the idea over to RFE. 

C. CONFIDENTIALITY. RFE will not treat the solicited and unsolicited idea and materials as confidential, and there is no confidential, fiduciary or other relationship between the parties. RFE does not receive the idea or material in confidence and RFE is under no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the idea or material.

D. NO EXPECTATION OF PAYMENT. RFE has total discretion over whether there will be any compensation and the amount of any such compensation that will be paid if RFE uses or discloses the idea or materials without the submitter's consent. 

E. REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTY. A submitter represents and warrants that the idea or material is original and that the submitter owns all rights in the idea and has the absolute right to make the submission. RFE is not liable to third parties for and by any ideas or materials that are in violation of an agreement or understanding with another party.

F. NO OBLIGATION TO USE. RFE is under no obligation to review, evaluate, purchase, license, sell, develop, produce, or commercialize the idea or materials. There will be no express or implied obligation of any kind by RFE, unless or until the parties enter into a formal written contract. 

G. RETURN. RFE is not obliagated to retun any or all physical and digitial materials including, but not limited to, resumes, headshots, portofilios, lyrical sheets, music sheets, screenplays, teleplays, or stageplays.

H. RIGHTS AND REMEDIES. All rights and remedies of a submitter arising out of the disclosure or use of the idea or materials by RFE may be limited to any rights and remedies the submitter may have under U.S. Patent or Copyright law. 

I. WAIVER. Other than for claims under U.S. Patent and Copyright law, a submitter wavies all claims of any nature, including express contract, implied-in-fact contract, or quasi-contract, arising out of any use or disclosure of the idea or material by RFE.

J. COMPENSATION. RFE is under no obligation to compensate a submitter merely for receipt, review, or evaluation of an idea or material.

K. ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF SUBMISSIONS. By submitting any body of work, idea, or materials to RFE you have agree and understand the terms of our submission policy.



If you have any general questions about our Submission Policy, please contact our LEGAL DEPARTMENT