We know the forever-changing music industry and how music is tossed and not even listened to. Your music is worth every dollar, time, and talent you invest into it. Your work is expected to be commercially feasible and distributed. We know you're looking to make a great investment in your career and a high quality production is a must.

Whether you are choosing to release a single, record an EP, or pull out a full-length record, we can guide you through the process and make your final product something that grabs peoples attention, is commercially competitive, and above all, gives out your flavor, style, and sound.

Our production philosophy works under the premise that each project is presented with its own uniqueness and requires a fresh approach. We cultivate and identify what your sound is and make your music truly come to life. 

Premium Services

  • Original Music & Song Production (w/ Music Producer)

  • Audio Recording, Mixing, & Mastering (w/ engineer/ editor)

  • Voice Over Recording (w/ engineer/ editor)

  • Film and Photoshoot Location

  • Project Consultation

  • Custom Production Compositions


Additional Services

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Branding, Media Releases, Showcases

  • Sign Artists to our Label

  • Image Creation and Social Media Management

  • Project Consultation

  • Artist Development and Management