Partial or Full Payment only covers for Post Production House (PP) Time and not for storage of material, data or any other items. Please make sure that you take all your material (hard-drive, equipment, etc).  If you leave anything, the studio is not responsible for any damages to or any loss of your material.
The studio may make-up paid PP Time at RHYTHM&FLOW ENTERTAINMENT INC. Studios, only if material at the studio is lost at the studio due to studio’s own technical issues.
The studio is not responsible for any other information in your storage device that may be lost at the studio due to studio's own technical issues. If you are bringing a storage device with data already on it, please make sure it already is backed up at your own location prior to traveling with it and bringing it to the studio.

The studio HIGHLY recommends you keep at least 1 up-to-date copy of all your masters, outside the studio, at all times. Data Storage Device manufacturers, data recovery specialists and data insurance companies insist that multiple backup copies of important data be kept in multiple locations at all times. They have said:

  • "Your data does not exist unless it is in at least two different places at all times."

  • "A hundred-dollar hard drive buys you thousands of dollars worth of insurance for your data (and invaluable time!)"

While involved in your project, the studio MAY keep an additional copy of your recorded material for added efficiency. However, the studio reserves the right to delete this additional copy of your recorded material at any time while, or after, your project is completed, without prior notice to you. Work MAY or MAY NOT be used on the studios social media pages and website for promotional use only. 


(All payments are non-refundable. See CANCELATION POLICY AND FEE for details)

CASH: Your email address will be requested for your cash transaction receipt. Please call before passing by the studio to check if we are available to receive payment.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: We accept all credit or debit cards serviced by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We can charge your card over the phone or in person at the studio. Your email address will be requested for your card transaction receipt.

Payments DO NOT cover post-session storage of data, media, equipment or other materials.
We DO NOT sell storage services and should never have the only copy of your recorded material.

We do not claim ownership or any copyrights of content it is hired to work with via its audio and/or video services unless specifically stated in your contract.  RNF is not responsible for obtaining licenses or permissions related to in-house video/audio recordings or outside work that is brought to us.  It is your responsibility to register your original material, and clear up any FOR-HIRE agreements, for your production material.