silver edition: 

$150 - Silver Shoot Collection - One Hour / One Look -  The 5 Best Images will be selected and lightly retouched made ready for publication.


$250 - The Gold Shoot Collection - Two hours / Two Looks. The Best 10 Images will be selected and lightly retouched made ready for publication. 


$350 - The Platinum Shoot Collection - Three Hours / Five Looks Maximum. The Best 15 Images will be selected and retouched made ready for publication.


**PLEASE NOTE a $50 retainer fee is due upon booking your date. You can call to pay through phone, at the studio, or via ChaseQuickPay. Your date will not be secure until the retainer fee is accepted to us. The retainer fee of $50 will then be deducted from your total package price. The retainer fee is non-refundable and expires, if not used, within one year of accepting it.


  • All finished photos will be sent to you via web through dropbox link and/or email within 2 (two) weeks of the date of our session.
  •   Any additional photos needed - starting at $20 per photo. 
  •   Any additional hours or looks needed - starting at $100 per hour/look.
  •   Extended editing for artistic visions for commercial applications, business and promotional needs will start at $50 per photo.
  •   Stylist and makeup artists are separate fees upon requesting.



     Please email us your details on your special event/party and we will be able to provide you with a more detailed and set price for your day. Please provide the type of event, duration, number of guests, location, special requests, etc.