Part 2 of 4.

     This movement from one level of intelligence to another can be considered as a kind of ritual for transformation of your personal legacy. Despite the popularity of how contractual obligations of our behaviors affect our actions, recent events from long-held convictions from our minds overturn what is hard wired in our thoughts from emotional responses, daily accusations of society, and the hidden obstacles of how the new world order is executed. Demonstrating the strength of how strong ones will-power can make or break you and thusly define you. Taking the various insights of what people perceive as the dark side of human nature, you can allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of the truth behind it all and what the meaning is about which holds true in their depths of your mind.

     The pure craftsmanship of genuine perseverance will ultimately change your behavior and outlook of what was once pre thought as an illusion escaped from your subconscious mind. All of what has become denigrated and assoicated from the back of your predestined intelligence had its way with foreshadowing your inevitable setbacks to shape and mold your soul for battle of discovery and enlightment. Prepare yourself to be destined for greatness and cleansed thoroughly for what lies ahead of you can now be conprehended in what dimensions were opened in the universe for you. Bear to suffer the wrath from your phlegmatic decisions, your ungodly mistakes, your despicable actions, and your poisoned words of what was laid upon your barefeet to walk through. For it is only going to get worse before you ever see the light of day. The power of healing is by far the most enduring and lengthy process known to man. And thusly one of the most powerful teaching tools aside from pain the body must endure in order for the spirit to be brought up to its rightful throne. 

     This is my second part of four of my personal journey through physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spirtual transformation. Never have shame or guilt and be brave and bold enough to express and display to the world what is not only going on in your life through what we only see on the outside but also using your inneralized talents of art to express what most only dare to even think about let alone project it. In closing always remember, life is simple, keep it that way. You always have two choices when making a decision and what you choose is your own freedom, whether you lie early in your grave or fly free above the clouds. Never be sorry for what you have decided nor ever complain about the path you have choosen to take. Onwards and upwards in this life we all live, in our world we create, and in the universe we are all connected to. 

Photography By: Davide Laffe