PART 1: Inception Of Aberration and Preponderance

Part 1 of 4

     This first piece I had carefully examined in my mind on how to specifically approach, identify, and thusly exhibit my pain. My goal was to convey senses of isolation, suffocation, loss through and of physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and spirtual abuse and torture. I believe at one point in our lives we all have felt a degree of the images you see before you and because of so I feel more connected with all of you. Life will beat you down if you allow it thusly all is but a choice. I have summoned the courage to show the world my diverse abiltity to explore my wild horizons and my conceptual dimenisons. I will always push the barrier with my graphic depictions that invoke and stimulate the passion kept in the depths of my soul. You will never know the full identity of your purpose until you make that choice. Everything in our lives is a choice no matter how much you want to deny it. Be the man or woman you are suppose to be and rise up. Through the depths of your soul and spirit, and the universe we all are connected to; wake up, be incredible and live, be alive and be free.

Photography By: Richard Rivera

Edited By: Chase Michael Pallante

Location: Rhythm & Flow Entertainment Inc. Studios.