The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us. 

JaJo Photography



        Chase Michael Pallante is a renowned artistic creator and skillful business man based in New York City, specializing in audio engineering for musicians, artists, and producers, post production for tv/film/web, photography and live sound entertainment for venues, events, and DJing. His dream stemmed out of his own passions for music and visuals with his lifelong love affair with the arts. 

        He grew up evolving his love of sound and lighting at a young age. His professional experience has been widely spread from working with various clients and companies; Blue Man Group Productions, Michael Bloomberg, Sony Entertainment, Kidville,, York Ave Preschool, Club Shelter and Karma, to name a few. Mr. Pallante completed school at Institute Of Audio Research in Greenwich Village, New York City from audio engineering and production. He attributes his combined background with helping to shape his unique creative vision for you. 

        His work is instantly recognizable for his sense of flow and power and passion with his distinctive style. His philosophy of business is "Clients First". The unique vision he develops for each project grows out of the time he takes in getting to personally understand and relate with every client. The end result is a beautiful masterpiece that is fresh and creative to the eye and soul. A deep reflection of the person or business they represent.   

         "Above all, I have to thank God and his blessings I have received and continue to do so from my gifts and talents I was given. I am truly appreciative and grateful for the ability as well as the opportunity to pursue my dreams and actively live them throughout my life. My work, my career is what drives me, what motives me, what is just me. I pour my soul, my love, my blood and sweat into what I believe is the best it can be. My goal is to bring forth my clients vision with my expertise to create, illuminate, and produce the most desirable masterpiece you can hold true to. I have learned nothing great is ever built without scarifice and the ability of vunerablity in allowing the greatest in you to out shine even the brightest darkness. There is beauty in all we capture through the grace of pain and the exquisitiness in love. Nothing will ever stop me from chasing and conquering my dreams and I am forever thankful for you allowing me to do so. Above all, believe in yourself and prosper. I am ready to bring out the best in you."
 - Chase Michael Pallante