Purpose And Light

That's great you think you look good with your high egotistical presence but what would you have to offer me in twenty years other than a used up body of disappointments and a soul trashed left for some sort of integrity to be searched for? Most individuals walk among each other as little children wanting to be held and touched and be remembered by yet display this outward appearance of such strong dignified justification of false confidence and lack of character behind the walls of what most can't see until it's too late. Go bore the blind with your manipulated tactics of lustful hate and retaliated love because remember either the marks you leave on someone else's soul will once be scarred on to you or you're too weak enough to stop the cycle that was once done to you, and some things are telling me all those wrinkles of denied regret won;t make you attractive enough to want to stick around for more than after a good, useless fuck many sad souls bow down to. All hail to purpose and light, and may you find yours rather than up someone else but through yourself.

- Chase Michael Pallante
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