Before you speak to me about religion, why don't you first show me how you treat other people certainly the ones who have betrayed you and have left you feeling a certain way that makes you want to have faith in order to either mask the pain or shelter the feelings of inadequacy and displacement; before you tell me how much you love your God, prove to me how much you love all of His children for no color, sex, size, age, orientation, finances or deceitful circumstances should never have placed judgement in your heart. For you are human and not God. Please do not confuse that kind of stature and blind power. Before you preach to me of your passion and strength of your faith, enlighten me of your desire to have compassion to your fellow neighbors and how strong your weakness is to your enemy. If you feel your subsidized faith is good than no man can change your view no matter what they believe and if you are afraid of that, cast them out because of what others say, or shun them for their opinion than you are the opposite of what you preach and you stand before me as a pathetic hypocrite that should go back and re read whatever black book you call a Bible and not personal interpret the situation based upon how it makes you better or feel more complete of how your small mind wants to perceive it. I can tell you right now I am not interested in hearing your robotic choice of words of opinionated biblical wisdom because in the end I am more engrossed in how you choose to live your life with what you give and your growth, rather than what you have to tell and sell. I can read your soul and quite frankly most sinners are the ones who attend daily of what they believe is the only place you can hold true to their higher power. Spare me your useless energy and why don't you spend more time consuming what you actually feel is right deep within your heart of your own life rather than what you push onto others minds to shield over your own inner pain and shame and disgust. Practice what you preach to your own broken cracks within your own mirrored soul and don't you dare project onto me what you suppress inside yourself and lock away in your dark corridors of your created hell and until then keep your mouth shut, your eyes open and walk straight past me. 

- Chase Michael Pallante 

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