I've been beaten by the consequences of my worse mistakes and I've been left bruised because of it by the ones I loved. I've been betrayed by the individuals I felt I trusted the most and I've been used up from my kind demeanor. I am not whom I was before and I am not one who looks down as much I use to. I look upon what is ahead of me and strive for what was taken from my through a victory of confidence and pride. I may not be what you want me to be nor do many want me at their parties. I searched many years for my own place in this lost world I have created. Trying to find the condolences inside own my soul and the forgiveness of my harshest enemy within, for I have failed more than I have succeeded in all the wrong things in my life. I have learned this world is not exactly what my heart expected and if you ask the house with a cross in it then I am labeled as a non believer because I have spent my sunday's asleep formulating ideas as another dreamer. Past along the days I walked barefoot as a child loosing depths of God, I trotted along the walk of shame with embarrassment between my ribs and the innocence ungracefully washed away. Forgive me for the sins I have partaken in for I only wanted love but I condoled in many of the wrong places and now I have learned the painful consequences of reaping what you sow. I stand here reaping, I stand here surviving, and I stand here walking, striving for what makes me happy in life throughout the depths of despair and between all the joys in laughter. For this is my life and there is no erasing what is done, no going back to what was, and never to be what I never was meant to be.   

- Chase Michael Pallante
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