Home Within My Own Skin

     It's that time again that life makes you get unsettled and move me to another chapter in my life. I look back at the walls that held so many beautifully created passions over the years. Home never lasts long for the ones who always want to gain more out of what this world has to offer and neither does the pain that is trapped inside of it. Memories either leave a mark of sadness blurred between the lines of the choice to forgive as you walk away and the redemption of lost happiness as you never look back. A journey that took me down the roads of hell paved with the indecent characteristics of dishonesty and betrayal, and the lessons of once again being on your own. For the responsibility of an ego is to never have any just like the sense of judgement of dignity looses its core strength from a lack of experience in wanting to gain self respect in the process of poor decision making of bad mistakes and the outcome of sitting alone in the rain with painful reflections. I have learned over the years that you will accomplish nothing if you are embarking on a path you were never meant to travel on. For I walked barefoot on dirt roads with broken glass from others weight that left me stripped without any source of love or guidance from my tore soul and because of being lost in the darkness, I was able to find myself within the black shadows of my soul. I have accepted the dark side of myself by loving the better side of it and embracing all the gritty colors within the raw facets and dimensions within my walls of what slim and bruised skin I was given. I leave here knowing that wherever I go in life I am always home within my own skin and it took me most of my life to understand that and finally embrace it so that I can have a reason to rejoice. 

- Chase Michael Pallante
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