Life Is Simple

     You get over things like split milk and a broken heart. You forgive yourself for coloring out of the lines and thinking life is only the sum of what you think of it. Empty books are like lost souls and wasting your time is only blaming others for allowing yourself to fail at the things that are not meant for you. You get the repercussions of the lessons before learning what the consequences of the test are and your expected not to fail miserably when all we do is land flat on our face without the grace of integrity, living our lives trying to cover up the masks of shame and the mistakes of being the awkward inadequate and the simply complex pieces of shits we really are. Moving on is like ripping old wounds and letting go is deciding to forever walk blindly. Perception can be the death of us. Life is simple but we complicate that to death as well. 

- Chase Michael Pallante
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