The Road Of Self Discovery

     I am not anything more than the person you left before. You can never make anyone love you if they don't and you can't make anyone stay because you love them. I gave up the fight when I realized I was the only one in battle. The last piano key plays and as the resonance of my forgiveness surrenders, I release the sail of what I falsely held true and I let that boat go with enough anger to sail away. Best advice I could ever say is to never allow someone else to love your heart more than yourself. Sometimes it's not even the other person who breaks your heart to pieces and sometimes for some of us we are meant to be broken and learning there is nothing wrong with that, one of life's hardest concepts to accept. Pain is passions greatest teacher and heartbreak is enlightenment to your soul. So by all means go out there and take risks with the sole responsibility of walking alone for redemption and during that awakening process the only thing I would say is try not to destroy others in your personalized quest to conquer a self loathing denial of dignity, don't skin people alive of their trust for just an ounce of self gratifying satisfaction and above all don't humiliate someone beyond repair from your guilt ridden tongue from your damaged inner child bleeding inside of you. Manipulating others to tears does not justice for the little boy or girl crying within you but only proves your cowardice vindication on a false power of hate, confusion and envy. I put up my white flag, not to proclaim my innocence back or my carelessness attitude of blindly living without appreciation, but I stand here with a few internal voids and many invisible bullet wounds, walking with everything I own on my back on an incomplete constitutional road of self discovery and self atonement. And I am perfectly okay with that. This ones for you kid.

- Chase Michael Pallante
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