Inspiration or Manipulation?

    "You have the power to control people." "No." I have the ability to influence people. Manipulating and inspiring are completely different attributes that two very different kind of individuals do. Think about how the people commensurate such a lack of empathy and proud inner arrogance of outward haughty behaviors, propaganda of society mixed with excessive envious entitlement and the interpersonally exploitative social standards of typical stereotyped clichés in your life affect you. Do you even care? Settle for less than a favorable treatment of automatic compliance with everyone's expectations except your own. To several people I am an asshole from going against all the above but that is because many people choose the power to be liked and loved by as many people as they can control with their smile, with their hips and with any other desperate measures of attention their small minded, self absorbed and grandiose sense of rationality can come up with to justify their life in but a bubble of a box for the pure sake of sanity, comfortability and conformity. Bow down I tell you because all you are is just another someone who is easily manipulated instead of selectively inspired. We live in a world full of sad savages trying to make sense of what their minuscule life is about and instead of understanding the purpose of it (to be inspired) many individuals take the easy route and choose what their parents, their friends, their bosses and their own blinded view of desolate desperation of stolen victory from our victimized solace of society. Welcome to the power of manipulation.

- Chase Michael Pallante
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