You're going to date a few cowards before you meet someone brave enough to love you. That's a fucking understatement however it's only telling you half the truth. Most people are cowards because they don't love themselves and they fear love because most of the time they're too weak to be vulnerable to someone else unless they're on their back which I find many people have apparently no problem with. They yearn for approval from anyone desperate enough to give it to them. Standards nowadays are based on pathetic levels of selfies and a non existent platform of anything another than what other people can selfishly provide for you. Dare to have individuality independently. Please tell me what you could remotely offer me other than what you already show to the world through exploitive free media or better yet let's see what's underneath your beautiful skin. Bet I'd find nothing but a rotten soul and a sad excuse of a human being. They say it's disrespectful to spit in someone's face but if they clearly have no dignity for themselves why should I be looked at as an asshole if I do so? Cheers to the followers of the 21st century, you provide a perfect antidote for societies misfits of political gander and bottoms up to all the used up people in the world; you can tell easily which individuals are only good for a fuck and barely that at times. I have standards and you are, like many, way below them. We all have a purpose in life but you don't have any in mine.

- Chase Michael Pallante
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