An Apology

     An apology could be considered like a band-aid; just because you put one on does not mean it is going to heal the wound, it only just covers it. Save your words for an individual who is vacuous enough to believe them. I'm sorry is an excuse many individuals use not to deny someone of their existence while the consequences of their actions are not enforced through any integrity of true forgiveness let alone the few who never feel they have to apologize for their ambiguous actions. Remember what you put out in the universe you will get back to you. Fear not I anymore for I am done getting my hands dirty. For now I place you in a larger force of justice that is stronger then my rage, more powerful than what vengeance I am capable of and thusly hotter than any hell you have experienced yet. Happy huntings of happiness within your own prison and I hope the bars within your veins that condemn you are not as vicious as the karma of what character you have become and what indigenous soul you carry. 

- Chase Michael Pallante
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