I Am Sorry

     I am sorry for ever breaking your heart. The carelessness of when we were young and free omits the responsibility of ever having to feel the cracks you've made in someone else. We yearn for the times of when we got lost in love without the incompleteness of our insecurities and our lost devotion to pleasure of our natural high. There's nothing more that makes you reflect when you look back at your mistakes of your younger years of breaking another soul but the cost of yours is much harder to forgive and even more treacherous to heal. For I stand here with many chapters within my soul and I'm not sure if the times of bliss balance out the moments of anger and periods of pain that followed through with molding my heart and understanding the voids deep within me. There's nothing worse than being taken down someone's dark roads of lost hope from a damaged ego, bitter revenge of prior resentment and awful shortcomings of survival mood. No one deserves to travel passenger but we often discover who we are from not being in control and the vulnerability of allowing ourselves to be broken in order to be restored. I am sorry for sailing my boat into the storm that's within me and I forgive you for driving me straight into your hell; for what you love is a part of you that wants to be loved.


- Chase Michael Pallante
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