The Same Sinner

     You never have the right nor the title or the power to judge someone just because they sin differently than you. No one is perfect and no one is God. Take your pathetic excuse of power and keep brain washing the very people who follow you that you need to keep your throne in your own mind balanced and happy. I don't throw stones at glass houses where the innocent live but I will throw rocks at false and pretentious kings who hide behind their smiles and keep victimizing their own souls through others. Keep casting out the ones you feel who you can't change and keep away the people who are individuals and who can think on their own. To control is only to announce your weak presence from your own questionable existence between what you feel is truth and what you think is right. Always remember you never need anyone's approval, love or acceptance. No one should ever have ask for it and no one should ever deny it from you but within this world let's face reality and swallow the hard truth of emotional abandonment and the power people have over suppressed cult practices they forever selfishly hide behind to make their life seem happier and better and a level higher than the same sinner they eat with.


- Chase Michael Pallante
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